Monday, April 26, 2010

A Good Start--the why

Hi, I'm Brig. And I'm Gina. This blog is kind of my fault. She's right: all her fault. Mom loves blogging, but even though she has a blog, it wasn't really describing all this stuff that we have been doing the last couple of months. My blog is chronicling the midlife changes in my life so some of the foodstuff didn't really seem to fit what I blog about. So much information that we have been learning. I have been doing a Biggest Loser challenge at my church and so my entire family by default has come along for the ride. And I had no choice because I moved back in with them (my mom, dad, and brother Lance) for a few months while I job search. So here we are: new attitude on eating and life, and a new blog to describe it.

I now can't stand fast food and I have just tried and loved my new kickboxing class. So now she'll kick my butt if I get too sassy! You better believe it! Even Lance has lost some of his Buddha paunch...

Every time I see someone I know, I have to answer what I am doing to look so good! It's hard to describe in a two minute conversation...So now she can whip out a business card with this web address on it! Just as soon as we get business cards...are we getting business cards? I don't know, sounds like a good idea right? We'll talk about it later...okay that's a no...

So we'll just post a whole bunch of stuff with links, recipes, and good, real info about what is in the food we eat and how to choose the right stuff to eat. Like the kale and spinach soup we ate tonight for dinner...maybe some book reviews...and anything else we come up with! Enjoy!

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